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The Zipfer Bierhaus – genuine tavern tradition in Salzburg

Like the wind, the zeitgeist invisibly changes directions, while special hallmarks are preserved - in memory and stone.

A tavern brings together everyone under the sun; it's a meeting place filled with the spirit of the times. A tavern is a blooming landscape of cabaret and academia, politics and distraction. Genuine tavern tradition is not selective in the choice of its guests and does not distinguish between the privileged and the less privileged; here the only thing that counts is the state of decency.

Since 1823 the house, which is listed among the oldest buildings in the city, has been a gastronomic homestead for all and sundry; from 1907 it has been known as the Zipfer Bierhaus, making it one of the oldest beer taverns in Salzburg’s city center.

However, that is not the only reason why we regard it as our gastronomic mission to value genuine tavern culture as heritage and to keep its timeless tradition alive in the most authentic way.Far from the inflationary kitsch rampant ina touristic city like Salzburg, we treasure the value of timeless tradition all the more.

The Zipfer Bierhaus stands for down-to-earth quality, good Austrian food and boasts a rich selection of beer. In the warm months we also open our guest garden from where you can watch the bustling market on Universitätsplatz.

Our chronicles:


The Zipfer Bierhaus - a house full of history in Salzburg

A short chronological review with the most important data:

The Zipfer Bierhaus is one of Salzburg's oldest buildings. It was constructed around 1300 and was originally composed of two buildings, which were connected in 1407. Where the kitchen stands today used to be the courtyard of the two houses. 

The first owners were Gottfried Flußhart and Chunrat von Chuchel. At that time the St. Peter Monastery held the so-called "Burgrecht" in the form of a mortgage loan with perpetual interest payment onthese houses in what was then Pfarrgasse.


In 1763 Professor Dr. Philipp Steinhauser von Treuberg acquired the house for 6,000 guilders. From 1775 it was therefore known under the name "Steinhauserhaus". It was also the home of the famous Salzburg historian, Court Advocate Judas Thaddäus Zauner and the Prince Archbishop's personal physician Dr. Josef Brisani, who purchased the house around 1800.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's beloved sister Nannerl, widowed Baroness von Berchtold zu Sonnenburg, lived in this historically portentous house from 28 October 1801 until her death on 29 October 1829.


Already in 1823, Franziska Augustini established a coffee house here which opened onto Universitätsplatz. Then it was bought by Simon Lobmayer in 1840 and subsequently run under the name Cafe´Lobmayer.


Heinrich Enders, who had already been running Cafe´Lobmayer since 1870, purchased the house in 1874 and obtained the license to serve beer, wine and schnapps in 1876.


Erich Schenk, musicologist and renowned Mozart scholar, was born on 5 May 1902 in the venerable Steinhauserhaus in the immediate vicinity of Mozart's birthplace, only a stone's throw away.


Ever since the Zipf Brewery (Zipfer Bier) from Upper Austria acquired the house in 1907, the building has been known as the Zipfer Bierhaus. In 1928 the building was redesigned by the architect Otto Strohmayer and the sculptor Jakob Adlhart.


Reinhold Schwarz, father of Robert Schwarz, became the tenant of the tavern in 1977. In 2004 the company was expanded into a limited liability company and since 2006 the Zipfer Bierhaus has been run by his son.


The Zipfer Bierhaus is one of the oldest taverns in the city center of Salzburg that has preserved its original and authentic concept, ambience and architecture.

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